Sons of Cludd

Militant Witch Hunter Group


Although the Empire boasts dozens of various cults dedicated to the worship of Sigmar, few are as feared and militant in their approach as the infamous Sons of Cludd.

The cult takes its name after their Gerd von Clud, a smallish Middenhiemer with a penchant for debt, prophecy, and violence. It is written that at the age of 22, Gerd was visited by the spirit of Sigmar and fell into a righteous torpor, during which time he dictated the 823 pages that would later be assembled into the Book of Cludd, the scriptural authority from which the Cluddites owe their faith and… reputation.

When Empress Beatrix Marianna, First of Her Name, fought the Unification Wars of 12-22, she realized the value in having allies who were and perpetually in a state of agitation at blasphemers, heretics, and others unworthy of Cludd’s message. The then Duchess Beatrix was happy to provide them with a list of potential offenders to investigate and stamp out. After her ascension in ’23, the Empress quickly realized that keeping these ‘dedicated’ servants in such proximity to Altdorf’s brothels, banks, and non-Cluddite temples would eventually prove disastrous. She therefore hastily dispatched them on an important crusade, to be led by her equally problematic nephew, Erynomus of Ostermark to reclaim Sylvania once and for all.

The Cluddites are a group of well-financed knights and fervently loyal men-at-arms who are currently led by Jurgen von Cluddson, a witch hunter of fearsome repute and (by Cluddite standards) surprisingly agile intellect. Although they operate under the nominal authority of the Count of Osterland, they pay little allegiance to anyone save their own officers and the Book of Cludd. They are well-known as humorless, remorseless, fanatics who would burn their own grandmothers if the latter failed to cover her ankles.


Sons of Cludd

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