Myrella Merhoven

"The Necromancer's Wife"



Concept: Healer Turned Apprentice Necromancer
Trouble: Naïve Dabbler in the Dark Arts
Aspect: Former Seneschal of Minor Noble Estate


Careful: 2
Clever: 3
Flashy: 0
Forceful: 2
Quick: 1
Sneaky: 1


Raise the Dead – Myrella may attempt to resurrect a freshly dead creature and bind it to her will. In non-emergency situations, this can be achieved by a ritual, and is generally safe in the event of failure. Creatures raised thusly will generally be cooperative and may even provide limited information (depending how long they’ve been dead). In emergency situations, Myrella may spent a Fate chip and attempt the spell solely through rapid incantation. In really big emergency situations, Myrella may take a Consequence (2) and attempt to raise multiple dead things (no chip required). A failure on this attempt may result in an additional consequence or a detrimental Situational Aspect; whichever is most appropriate for the scene.


Fredrick Merhoven was a kind husband, decent lord, and willing patron of the magical arts. Alas, he never became the great wizard to which he aspired. He always encouraged your devotion to Shallya, and was even open to your forays into his library, though he dismissed your scholarship as “amateur”. You became intrigued to learn through some books that there were other approaches to healing and longevity outside of Shallya’s domains. You became curious. Too curious. You are uncertain whether it was your increasingly bold nighttime experiments, or simply a disgruntled servant which tipped off the witch hunters. Regardless, the result was the same.

In their confusion, the mob came demanding “The Necromancer Merhoven”. Fredrick, similarly confused, rushed you and a few of your trusted servants out of the manse before bravely facing the fanatics’ wrath and a fiery demise. You were not far enough away from the estate to be spared his screams, and are still haunted by that night.


You long ago realized just how dangerous the study of necromancy is, and have no intention of being killed by one of your own spells, or hauled off screaming into the void by some fell shadow. You are patient, pragmatic, and disciplined in your approach to sorcery. You are interested in learning more about both the history and practice of necromancy, and remain unconvinced that it long term practice must inevitably lead to corruption…


Myrella Merhoven

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