A Smog-Covered Urban Hellhole


Mikalsdorf is the third largest city in Sylvania and the probable invasion point when the empire forces under Count Eryonimus of Ostermark invade the province. It has a population of approximately 90,000.

It is bordered to the north by the massive Hell Fenn swamp, to the west by Grimwood, to the east by farmland, and to the south by the Grass Warrens. The main trades of the city are produce, timber, tin, coal, and bronze. Representatives from the Houses of Vendren, Sleith, and Glypth are all present, however the Vendren remain the dominant family.

Among the notable places in the city:

Dreamers Hill – a massive and ancient cemetery dominating the southeast end of the city
The Closes – a series of tightly-packed testaments in east and north end
Flotways – a series of narrow, man-made canals used to transport material across the city
Vendrenhoff – the main keep of Mikalsdorf and home of Lord Vendriel



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