Jurgen von Cluddson

Stone-Eyed Witch Hunter


Jurgen is the current Arch Militant of the Sons of Cludd, the 9th such individual to hold the title since the death of Gerd von Cludd. He is presently leading a crusade in Ostermark and sending raiding parties across the Stir into Sylvania. He is a late-middle-aged man whose face and stature reflect a lifetime of warfare and harsh living. He has a particular dislike of necromancers and undead in general, citing both Sigmar’s battle against Nagash and Cludd’s Banshee of Misandry parable as prime examples of their irredeemable nature.

He is believed to have either ordered or have been directly involved in the execution of Fredrick Meerhoven and his followers.


Jurgen von Cluddson

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