House Sleith

Degenerate Noble Family of Sylvania


Although most members of the family are quick to deny any modern affiliation, it is well known by commoner and aristocrat alike that his famous family of Sylvania takes its namesake from Sleithreethra, a local Goddess of Consummate Evil and Joy.

While the family’s elite do claim a few villages under their direct control, the long-spent line tends to prefer positions away from courtly intrigues and prying eyes. Justly or not, this reclusive tendency – as well as a few high-profile trials of several degenerate Sleiths – has earned the family a reputation as debauches and necrophiliacs.

Their house colors are purple and green. Their banners typically feature keys or ravens. It is rumored that Lady Kalina Sleith keeps a banner upon which is emblazoned an image of the hated goddess Herself.


House Sleith

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