Mox n' Ebbitt

Twin Ruffians and Graverobbers



High Concept: Grave-robbing, body snatching, ne’er do well twins.
Ebbitt: The beady-eyed sneaky one.
Mox: The bloody knuckled sneaky one.
Trouble: Their own worst enemy
Aspect: Mean son-of-a bitches.


Careful: 1
Clever: 2
Flashy: 0
Forceful: 2
Quick: 1
Sneaky: 3

System Notes

Mox nā€™ Ebbitt are narratively separate PCs that share Approaches, Trouble Aspect(s), and Consequences. In combat, only one set of Attack or Defend dice are ever thrown for them (though narratively, both may be engaged).


On the Down Low ā€“ Because Ebbitt is a Clever son of a bitch, he gets a +1 to all non-violent criminal acts when being Sneaky or Quick

Aim for the Yarbles ā€“ Because Mox is a Forceful mean fucker, he gets a +1 to all violently criminal acts when being sneaky or Forceful.


Some people are just born bad.

Mox and Ebbitt were born twins to a none one, no where. Father who? Mother died soon after they were old enough to fend for themselves, they spent their days making the miserable shithole that was their life just a little more tolerable. And really, that sums up the life of Mox and Ebbitt – fuck you, fuck everyone. Life is the next moment – whether that be drink, coin, carnal pleasure, or just the smug satisfaction of busting some fucker’s head in, it didn’t matter. One moment to the next – because at any moment you could be stone cold dead – if not from someone else, then from your own twin. For fuck’s sake’s… oh, how they love to hate one another.

Mox n' Ebbitt

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