Crow's Get, The

Ill-Reputed Mercenary Company


The Crow’s Get are a mercenary company which operates in the eastern Empire and which has a reputation for violence and depravity. Similar to the Greyfish, they are frequently employed for ‘skirmish’ and guerrilla warfare, however, unlike the Greyfish, the Crow’s Get are also used to terrify and slaughter peasantry wholesale.

It is unknown what caused that the rivalry between the Greyfish and the Crow’s Get, but the vicious enmity between the companies is infamous even to non-mercenary types. In fact, former membership in the Crow’s Get is one of the few ‘crimes’ a person can commit that will prohibit them from being recruited by Greyfish dungeon sweep.

Members of either faction will frequently kill each other on sight.

The Crow’s Get are led by Aegon Crow.


Crow's Get, The

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