Genevieve "Cerise" von Merkwürdigliebe

Cat Burglar with a Past



Concept: Cat Burglar with a Sword
Trouble: Wanted for more than Murder
Aspect: Cynical and Streetwise, but Seldom Cruel


Careful 2
Clever 1
Flashy 1
Forceful 0
Quick 3
Sneaky 2


Skilled with the Sword – Because I’ve been trained by one of the best, I get +1 to Attack and +1 to Defense in physical combat when using a sword.

Consummate Liar – Because I can lie through my teeth, I get a +1 to Creating Advantages and +1 in Defense in social situations involving distraction and deception.

Natural Acrobat – Because I have honed my body, I get a +2 when overcoming obstacles when agility is a factor.



As she tells it, Cerise was raised in her early childhood by Sisters of Sigmar after abandoned by her Flea Alley Prostitute Mother. Cerise was always in trouble with the law, or the Sisters themselves. It wasn’t long before she killed a man, and she has been on the run ever since. Running away from the Sisters gave her a hard life on the streets, and she made a living mainly as a thief. Often hiding her face with scarves and hoods, she kept to herself as much as possible. Trying to hide her identity from those of authority and in turn hide from her crimes.

A day came when her self imposed isolation caught up with her, and she was assaulted by a group of thugs while taking a short cut through an alley to avoid a city patrol that was in hot pursuit after one of her capers. The thugs would have taken everything she had if it wasn’t for a veteran Greyfish that saw the incident unfolding and came to her rescue. Cerise couldn’t be thankful enough, but the Greyfish explained that she was sent to take care of the thugs anyway, and it was just a coincidence that it was so timely for her. With that the Greyfish wiped the blood off her sword and started to take her leave. Cerise, seeing an opportunity, kept in step with the grizzled woman. Several times the Greyfish berated Cerise to go away and leave her be, but Cerise was persistent.

Maybe the Greyfish saw something in Cerise, or took pity on her, but eventually allowed her to follow. At first Cerise acted only as a servant girl, but slowly grew into the role of a squire of some sort, and eventually became the Greyfish’s personal protege. Only recently being assigned a full Greyfish contract position.

Genevieve "Cerise" von Merkwürdigliebe

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