Captain Dzhoanna Ludchenko

Mercenary Brigade Leader


Born in northern Kislev to large boyar’s family, the youngest daughter of Vyacheslav Ludchenko was one of the few of her house to survive the incursion of Warlord Antonin the Infinite in 2492. The young woman fled with thousands of refugees who trekked nearly 600 miles down the frozen Lynsk River; the majority of whom were picked off by hypothermia, brigands, and outriders from Antonin’s force along the way. By the time she reached the comparative safety of Erengrad, she had lost her right leg and left hand to frostbite.
Dzhoanna was evicted from the monastery where she convalesced into the icy streets, and soon was forced to join one of the notorious street gangs in order to avoid starvation and death by exposure. She was later picked out of an Erengrad prison by a Greyfish officer who was in need of recruits to reinforce his brigade in the fight against Antonin in the north. The young woman quickly gained a reputation for brutality and quick tactical thinking, leading a small squad of mercenaries in the capture (and eventual interrogation and murder) of Antonin’s second in command.

Having survived to be a “double-ten” and advanced to the rank of Captain, Dzhoanna was given command of the Hell’s Half Hundred; a position in which she has thus far excelled.
Dzhoanna is a short (5’2”) middle-aged woman who has been prematurely aged by a lifetime of warfare, hardship, and cold. She retains a heavy Kislev accent and dons both the yellow tartan of the Greyfish and the heavy fur cloaks of her homeland. Although her right leg has been amputated from the knee down, a custom-fashioned iron prosthetic affords her a fair amount of mobility. An iron, fixed pose hand has replaced her lost left hand, but aside from holding a shield and striking insubordinates, it has little use.


Captain Dzhoanna Ludchenko

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